Words of a broken voice box.

Alcoholics Depressions by – Jay Isip


Liquid swallowed with joy as it burns down the chest,
smiles swarm the outside while inside it’s depressed.
Thoughts of failure attack your brain and heart,
failure stole your true thoughts replaced with pain and dark.
Whiskey on rocks quenches the thirst of your depression,
inspection of death as you plan the place you will rest in.
Pride swallowed with each gulp passing your throat,
coast through the night with beer muscles as a coat.
Emotional outrage as you tell the bartender your story,
boring to her ear as she showers you with “awwwing”
Wallet is flat like your soul and the rest of it,
looking to swallow the barrel as she reaps all the benefits.
Screaming at others from problems in the interior,
inferior feelings confused realizing your screaming into the mirror.
Alcohol digesting the life problem suppressing sedative,
stomach vile extracts as your pass out in the rest of it.
Awake with coughing wiping the vomit off your face,
wash, rinse, and repeat believing this is your place…

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