Words of a broken voice box.

Crucial Aspects by – Jay Isip


Enter a realm of confusion with judgmental aspects,
when choosing a destiny while hesitant to act it.
Wait your turn to exploit the chosen performance,
Get smashed and buried with verbal discordance.
People cheer, as some people fear towards the fractions,
as people hear, and some people steer away from your actions.
The worlds vision of neglectance, picks apart the peoples vision of acceptance,
a chosen mind by surroundings is not a chosen mind in your presents.
The world rotates in directions, chosen by gravity for protection,
as people fight the earths currents for temporary avengence.
Fairness no longer stands as people keep stomping on it’s feet,
beat downs by cheats,where the unrecognized is no longer discreet.
Questions flare the head of brainwashed Americans,
where bad things happen to good Samaritans,
In a world of congestion, where people no longer labeled as pedestrians.
The world stares down upon civilians, and expects failure from billions,
as 999 million succeed to the earth expectations and 1 fails with the worlds per diems…..
Trust your self be faithful to feelings,
world will fuck you and keep on stealing,
your glory and spirit if you let the peeling,
continue as there’s no time for healing.
Stare down the fear as others look away,
your stay on this planet will come into play,
as long as you stand your ground in place,
and chase your destiny as other set a  pace.
Choose your destiny don’t let destiny choose you,
Be true to your words and your words will be true,
Basically speaking it is up to you.

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