Words of a broken voice box.

Your Worst Enemy by – Jay Isip


Can’t make your mind so your mind makes you,
uncontrollable thinking pattern way out of tune.
Thoughts climbs out wrapping your body tighter than vice grips,
feels like ice picks piercing your skin, the pain is priceless.
Brain tentacles suck the spirit strait out of your soul,
draining the blood of your veins leaving your entire body ice cold.
You have been told before to control your thoughts,
now your thoughts are in control vice versa from what you sought,
brought upon yourself thinking what shouldn’t be thought,
fought the feelings and yet maintained and caught in the lost.
Embracing your decisions from strength within your heart,
decisions explode when the brain attacks like a shark,
time to part from your head but unable to progress,
pulsating through your chest thoughts got you strapped in like a vest.
Trapped for the ride depleted of your memory and mind,
spirit and soul, future and time, nudging the line of destiny,
feared of outcomes and the rest it be, decisions not known
and not known what your set to be…
Only if you’ve known that you are your own worst ENEMY….

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