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Today I was a fly-in-the-wall to experience “Be Awesome To Somebody.” It was an honor to follow the footsteps of Mark Bustos and live a day in his journey. If you don’t know his story—you must live under a rock. Mark gives haircuts to the homeless out of “Sheer” happiness. The heart inside of this man is immeasurable, to connect with other human beings, and to help one another by sharing the attributes we all attain—is unexplainable. The outcome smiles that erupted on everyone’s face nearly left me in tears. The impact of enlightenment through a “haircut” was unbelievable to me—until today. To give somone hope, encouragement, and leaving someone in complete awe, is what life is about. This humbling experience has changed my perception on the world, life, and us—human beings. Thank you for the wonderful day, hats off to you brother @markbustos #BeAwesomeToSomebody #inspiration

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