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Death Stare…


Death comes unexpectedly—usually. To die makes us human- but- to defeat death, and live makes us supernatural. To have enough courage to stare death in the face, embrace the turbulence, and walk through the fire takes a certain type of human being. In 2003 My Godfather— best friend, was diagnosed with cancer, looked in the sky, and said “Go Fuck Yourself.” He fought, and fought and defeated his “disease.” For a deacade he walked tall as the Grim Reaper decorated his path with rose pedals. This man lived everyday, with a positive attitude. Everyday in pure bliss. Everyday as if he was never “sick”. He was more active than 99.9% of our specie–until his time was up. Today the world put a great man to rest–but his soul, attitude, and spirit I will live through forever. He was an inspiration to our whole family, and what he left behind in the human world—will be lived… R.I.P Nenong Mike…

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