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Pete Isip – Mens Health ” ULTIMATE GUY SEARCH”


VOTE FOR PEDRO! My brother Pete Isip has been nominated into the Men’s Health: “The Ultimate Guy Search ” contest. This guy right here is an inspiration to everyone he touches, he continually helps humans acheive goals, and aspires to serve his purpose through being a leader…

People say everything I touch turns into gold, but this man here–everything he touches turns into heart. Unlike me and many others, his value is priceless. No gold, money, or compensation can replace the heart of this man. He is the reason I live, he is the reason I can still stand, he is the reason I have a strong mental foundation and im sure many others would agree—or feel the same. No other man deserves to be recognized for his attributes, willing to give, and more importantly—his heart, more than Pete Isip. And I’m honored to call this “ULTIMATE GUY” my brother….

To vote here is the link – or go on his profile @peteisip and find the link in his description. Thank you all for your continuous support… TEAM KRANK… #menshealth #ultimateguy #ultimateguysearch #menshealthmag #171

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