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It ain’t just coffee . . .


“It ain’t just coffee . . .”

Sunday morning at Quick Check on Broad Street in Bloomfield, I was getting my usual 32 oz. of ice coffee (black) to start my day. Headphones on, with the volume low so I could hear my surroundings, but high enough to embed into my thought process. The ice machine rumbling sounded like there’s a little monster roaring inside this mechanical mystery, no one really knows what goes on inside the ice machine, we just know it provides an abundant substance of frozen sensation–it makes a lot of noise, but the result is quite amazing.

The crystallizing chunks flow into my cup like a loud burp with some agita until it is half way full (or empty?). I switch over and place my cup under the ice coffee machine, and push down on “Dark Roast” and noticed a thick-condensed formulation of black syrup splashing into my cup; my dopamine’s were going ballistic and eager to suck down this liquid enhancement.  During my mesmerized coffee set-up, I am every bit focused into my cup of serene dream.

Yo Jay . . . Jay. . . Jay Isip!”

I feel a tap on my shoulder and snapped out of my daydream because an outsider decided to break the unwritten rule of personal space. In all seriousness, if someones headphones are on, don’t touch them.

I softly removed my headphones ,”Hey what’s going on buddy”

“Nothing man, How are you? You look real focused into that coffee machine man. Are you high? Haha!

“……………………………………………” I blankly stare at him like Johnny Chan in WSOP.


Haha! I’m playing man. Na, I just really love the ice coffee here, it’s amazing. It’s like drugs.” The over excitement I have for this liquid drug, is immeasurable. I look forward to this coffee, as if I was a crack addict–maybe I am?

“It’s just coffee…”

“Just coffee? It ain’t just coffee! Do you know what it takes to get this drink into your cup?”

“Not really, but who cares.” he shrugged his shoulders like the unappreciative bastard he was, sitting there with his steaming hot double espresso as if the Burberry scarf wasn’t enough to keep him warm. It’s only October buddy, have a seat!

“First off, they have to plant seeds to even harvest a bean. Then they grind up the beans, and run water through the newly formed powder to create the coffee–and, and this ice machine! Who knows what goes on in there! The entire process just for us to enjoy the experience of this beverage is unbelievable!”

“Are you sure you’re not high?” He squinted with his sarcastic response just in-case I gave him a swift back hand to the kisser, but I didn’t.

“Fuck you bro.” I gathered my words and saved them for later before I started spewing more kumbaya lyrics. We both start giggling like two school girls at recess in the middle of Quick Check.

Maybe I was a little to excited about the coffee, maybe I was over-analyzing a simple process (as usual), or maybe some people just appreciate different things on various levels.

A capuchin monkey riding a dog. Tim Lepard, owner and creator of the Monkey Rodeo, says his animals are treated humanely.

For me, I appreciate the formulation of coffee, as well as the experience. I’ve learned to not overlook the simple things, especially things that actually take a shit load of leg-work just for our enjoyment. As the world may see, or not see, how intricately involved certain things are. The process for most simple things our culture is accustomed to, usually takes more than “just coffee” The cultivation of this magic bean; what this process undergoes had been overseen by most and is asinine that we don’t take a deeper grasp into the agendas. It’s taking the little things in life, and gaining appreciation for the process, journey, and experience it gives you. I’m sure many coffee drinkers will agree that, no, it’s not “just coffee” It’s an entire experience . . .

Okay, maybe I am high . . .



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