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(Snippet) Happy Chasing Happy – Round One: Jay Isip vs Kurt Pellegrino….


(Snippet) Happy Chasing Happy – Round One: Jay Isip vs Kurt Pellegrino….

“I strode toward him with my clinched fists inside the green gloves of glory, biting down on my mouthpiece, grinding away and ready to exchange some leather. He shot toward me like a Batman out of hell. Instantly, he shot for a double leg takedown to close the distance. I sprawled and caught him in his tracks to defend the takedown; we rabbit punched each other a few times as if we were siblings. Bouncing around on the ropes, I finally landed a couple solid knees to his solar plexus to break the distance, but he kept smothering me—I wasn’t sure if this guy wanted to fight or dance reggae.

The intensity picked up a bit, as we were both pummeling for dominant position. We began to scramble again like two feisty crows fighting over a carcass. He grabbed a tight gripped body-lock, tossed me in the air, and slammed me on the canvas. I had a deep wizard locking his arm in place so he couldn’t secure position. I popped back up to my feet and gained a neutral position, but he hopped on my back like a koala bear….


TBR January 2016

Happy Chasing Happy: An Aimless High to Happiness Volume 1 – Fight Addiction

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