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We are All Addicted to Something


We are all addicted to something. We all reach a point in our lives where our destination is dictated by no other than an addiction; where we have to stand face in the mirror of demeanor and ask ourselves: How? How did we reach this point to live as a rodent when our heart pumps the blood of a lion?

Because, we dread facing the painful situations; we detach from our core of pureness and shift into a dimension of euphoric dementia. The components of depression, anger, and lifelessness lead us to suppress our emotions by an outside substance, which, leads us to a land of the lost that is directed toward a level of highness nothing else could now subside. We chase the uplifting feeling from our foundation of physical existence. Running through the jungle with our eyes wide shut, sniffing for the next appetizing piece of scrap we could feed on, only to find out its bait from the lions. We stare into the hungry eyes of the jungle king, in complete fear like the bottom feeders we are. The panting breath of the lion shoos us away for he wants no part of our peasantry. Our fear descends, but and then we had realized, that lion used to be us. Somewhere, somehow, we had lost ourselves, always chasing the next high in life because we are unhappy with our present being. Our addictions had given us amnesia to our true selves; forgot what it’s like to live in ample freedom and power—to live like a lion.


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